Carpet and Rug Cleaning Edmonton

Carpet/Rug Cleaning

Carpet are very hard to clean and they require maintenance from time to time. In today’s fast-paced life, there is hardly any time for us to clean and maintain this upholstery. We understand your need to maintain a healthy and germ free home, hence we offer maid service. Our maids will come and clean the carpet/rug for you.

Hard Floor Cleaning Edmonton

Hard Floor Cleaning

Our maid offer hard floor cleaning services to ease the work of maintaining a good and clean home. Floors require special attention. At first they need to be clean from dust and dirt and then it needs to be cleaned from bacteria and other germs. Our systematic cleaning allows the floor to be sparkly clean and germ free.
Upholstery Cleaning in Edmonton

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning itself is tough and time consuming, especially when it is upholstery. Upholsteries are made of variable materials. It can be cotton, nylon, satin, silk or anything else. Each fabric needs to be handled in a different fashion and cleaned accordingly. Our able maids ensure that all types of upholstery are cleaned thoroughly and the fabric remains unharmed.
Move Out Cleaning in Edmonton

Move Out Cleaning

When you are leaving home and moving to a different location or home, the old one remains fussy and unclean. We offer move out cleaning services to customer who want to leave a good impression for new buyer. Landowners who are looking to impress tenants can avail this service and we will surely give them wonderful results.

Construction Clean Up in Edmonton

Construction Clean Up

After construction or the renovation of your home is complete, you require someone to clean up your home. We have able crews who can aid you to make the home spic-and-span. We use appropriate tools to ensure that the home or the office site is completey clean, and set for the next process. With our work, satisfaction is guaranteed.
Window Cleaning in Edmonton

Window Cleaning

Some homes have huge windows that are hard to clean. Some windows are small but located too high to reach. There are windows that get dirty because of birds and location to the main road. We have window cleaning services to solve this problem. Our maids ensure that right cleaning agents are used to perform this task.

Commercial Office Cleaning in Edmonton

Commercial Office Cleaning

We offer commercial office cleaning services for offices. Our able staff has the experience and knowledge required to perform commercial cleaning. As this type of cleaning is done in a bigger area, our cleaners use appropriate cleaning agents and tools to successfully complete the work. Our commercial cleaning services are designed to offer a cleaned office with no dirt anywhere.

Spring and Fall Cleaning in Edmonton

Spring and Fall Cleaning

Spring and fall cleaning involves the cleaning of all items at home. This is the time when cleaning from the scratch becomes easy. The weather too permits fresh air to freshen up the rooms and the wet clothes you want to dry. We offer maid service for spring and fall cleaning. They perform cleaning for every room with utmost dexterity and professionalism.
Pre and Post Party Clean Up in Edmonton

Pre and Post Party Clean Up

Parties are great when they are happening. But as soon as the party is over your house or the venue you chose can look like a huge garbage bin. To help you clean pre and post party we have able people working for us. They are friendly and dedicated people who take their work very seriously to deliver a squeaky-clean home to rest your party feet.
Post Renovation Cleaning in Edmonton

Post Renovation Cleaning

After renovating your home, you may notice paint drops on the floor, smell of polish everywhere. You may notice several other things that are usually visible after home renovation. We know that after the renovation you are tired. Therefore, our maids come to your home and clean all the renovation marks away, the result a clean home ready for moving in.
Laundry Washed, Folded and Organized in Edmonton

Laundry Washed, Folded and Organized

Your clothes require laundry washed, folded and organized. We have expert people working for us who can make things easy for you. Our laundry washed clothes are offered to you with perfect folds. They are organized in sequence so that you can find them easily and get ready for the next meeting or party.
Bed Linens Stripped, Washed and Beds Made Edmonton

Bed Linens Stripped, Washed and Beds Made

Our services are not limited to only cleaning homes and offices, we strip bed linens, wash them for you and make your bed. Any guesthouse, bed and breakfast or home that requires cleaning rooms after the guest leaves. We offer organizing rooms with the linens etc so that you get a wonderful living experience.
Clean and Organize Cupboards  in Edmonton

Clean and Organize Cupboards and Other Living Spaces

Living spaces are hard to manage. Cleaning and organizing living space is essential to enjoy the benefits of life. Sometimes due to work pressure, it becomes quite tough to clean the kitchen and organize it. If you have a pantry, it may seem more difficult. We offer cleaning and organizing living spaces services. When you need organizing, call us.
Clean fridges, stores, walls  in Edmonton

Clean fridges, stores, walls ( top to bottom)

We also offer fridge cleaning, stores cleaning and wall cleaning. While cleaning a wall we start with the top of the wall and slowly move to the bottom. Our work is done systematically to ensure that nothing is left unattended. We use the best cleaning materials to clean and guarantee that no paint chips off.
Light Fixtures in Edmonton

Light Fixtures

Cleaning light fixture requires skill and practice. Moreover, the person needs to have sound knowledge about handling such delicate and electricity related objects. We have skilled professional working for us who make it sure that all your light fixtures are cleaned without any damage to any of the objects. Our services come highly recommended and guarantee the safety of all products.
Bathrooms Cleaning in Edmonton

Bathrooms Cleaning

Bathrooms are the toughest place to clean. Due to the formation of grime and germs, bathrooms require special attention. Moreover, bathrooms use tiles or stones for the floor. In addition, there are sanitaryware that needs cleaning. We have the right staff to do the work. We use only branded products to do all the cleaning required for every corner of the floor.
Kitchen Cleaning in Edmonton

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens get messy after cooking. Traces of spices, oil, pastes can be found at different places. Oil stains or stains of spices are very hard to remove especially from the wall. Our housemaids ensure that they perform professional cleaning in your kitchen. From the blender to the oven we can get everything clean in a jiffy.
House cleaning in Edmonton

House cleaning

At Able Maids we offer house cleaning services. We clean each room with utmost care of all the objects. Our tools ensure that items have a thorough cleaning. Our maids are experienced in cleaning, hence they apply the best and quickest technique to clean the entire house within a minimum time span. Give your home the right cleaning today.