aboutus_imageAble Maids is a home and office cleaning company that has been in this profession for 26 years. Our company ensures that you have a safe and clean home so that you can enjoy some happy and leisure time with your family. Nowadays life has become so fast-paced and occupied that one hardly gets time to breathe. For most people, the daily routine has skimmed to a few activities. An average person’s life begins with office and ends on a similar note. The weekends that one gets is spent on visiting people or doing the household chores. This lifestyle does not allow any relaxation. We at Able Maids give you scope to relax and leave your daily chores to us.

Our professional house cleaners clean your home and perform all the chores with dexterity. They use the right technique of cleaning using only branded products. Our clean and long record of accomplishment of good work has set us apart from the others in this line of business. You do not have to sign any contract to hire us; neither do you have to be home during the ongoing cleaning process. All the maids working for us are insured and bonded. They also have WCB Insurance. We guarantee you the safety of all items at home. We follow an easy process of work. Once our work is done, our maids leave an invoice on the table for you to pay. Hassle free experience and classy work is what we offer.

At Able Maids we offer flexible time and scheduling for all kind of cleaning work. You can hire us for weekly, bi monthly and monthly cleaning services. Our services are always ready to cater to your needs. Our staff never rushes with their work. You get good cleaning at affordable prices.